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October 12th, 2017 by Patricia - DomainBELL

By ThemeIt

Pinstagram WordPress Pinterest Style theme


If you’ve been looking for a WordPress theme with a Pinterest style, this one could be a good option. Pinstagram, by MyThemeShop, has the traditional layout that looks a lot like Pinterest and it’s a wonderful theme for creating a social network of your own. Pinstagram was inspired by Pinterest, clearly, and it’s got that style down pat. Multiple images sizes in a masonry grid style, whether the posts are long or short, you can capture the look, feel and style of Pinterest on your very own website, all the while giving users a familiar style to work with. Why would you want a Pinterest inspired WordPress theme? Well, the popularity of Pinterest is one part of it, Pinterest is among the fastest growing social media networks around and it’s growth has been incredible, spiking hundreds of percentage points in just a few years. With Pinstagram, you can capture part of that excitement on your own page.

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