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Thermalabs Tent World Brand Launches Tent.world Informational Domain">Thermalabs Tent World Brand Launches Tent.world Informational Domain

January 6th, 2017 by Patricia - DomainBELL


Tent World has launched a new website domain that it will use to share pro information regarding beach and sports tents.

January 6, 2017 (FPRC) — Tent World today launched Tent.world, a new informational website domain that it intends to use for sharing premium tent-related information with users around the world. This is the first move that the Thermalabs brand has made since it launched at least 5 new beach tents last week. Tent World is a Thermalabs sub-brand that is in charge of all production, marketing and distribution of tent-related products.

Thermalabs, Tent World’s parent company is a major success story in the cosmetics niche. The firm launched in 2013, starting out with an introductory tanner known as the ‘Gold Standard Tanner’. The product was a major hit in the market, owing to its exclusive natural formation. It also delivered the desired results faster than the competition’s products. The immense success story of Thermalabs pilot product has helped it grow to the company it is today. In addition to Tent World, Thermalabs also owns two other sub-brands namely Supremasea and Organic Healthcare.

Ann Spencer, the brand manager for Tent World, has said that the new website domain will be an …read more

Source:: TNTNames.com — Domain Industry News


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