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Ramped.com — A new Titan has just entered the domain name industry!">Ramped.com — A new Titan has just entered the domain name industry!

October 27th, 2016 by Patricia - DomainBELL

By Mckay Taylor

There is many different domain market places, and many users whom agree that they are “clunky”, “lacking end users”, and overall just not a good user experience!

A brand new domain name auction platform Ramped.com has begun to take the domain name auction industry by storm!

Ramped is domain auction platform targeted to be the ideal for both (investors and end users), to “ramp up” their business by using and acquiring the right domain name.

“Ramped has started marketing heavily to many startup think tanks, as well as many venture capital firms in order to acquire and continue to grow our “end user bidder base”, and have a great (and growing) selection of domain names currently in auction!”

  • Cloudo.com
  • Surrogates.com
  • Fesa.com
  • GBY.com
  • Missionaries.com

“These are only a few of the many great names in auction right now!”

What makes Ramped different from other “domain auction platforms” is every single name that is submitted to ramped is actually “hand vetted”.

Each domain is either approved or rejected before the user is allowed to launch that name into auction.

Meaning ramped only accepts (end user ready) high quality domain names for ramped auctions, thus helping create a “clutter free” auction environment, for both investor and end users.

We didn’t just stop there. …read more

Source:: Robbies Blog – Domaining


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